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"Sherrie has been my nutritionist since April this year, and she is an excellent professional who has been guiding me to get a healthier lifestyle in these unprecedented times with a balanced diet and daily exercising. With her pleasant demeanor and her empathy, she has helped me to overcome my challenges and I managed to lose weight. She never gives up on me and has been an amazing coach!"

 Nazifa M

"Sherrie is amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge and was able to identify solutions to attack my goals very quickly. After 3 sessions, my energy levels are better, my exercise results are more visible, and overall my digestive health is better. Sherrie also provided helpful resources on a variety of recipes"

Cynthia G

"Sherrie is a unicorn in the Nutrition world. I like to think of myself as a fairly healthy person all-around with little to no health problem. Recently I found myself with some new health issues I’ve never experienced before, though I could fix these with some slight changes in my lifestyle that used to fix everything, like just working out and eating pretty healthy. Didn’t help this time around. Never thought I would need a nutritionist until I met Sherrie! After the most detailed consultation, lifestyle changes, and a meal/snack plan I experienced quick healing + a massive reduction in inflammation, anxiety, shortness of breath, muscle spasms and my sleep is better than I’ve ever had, some of these were unexpected benefits. Also, she’s introduced me to the world of Acupuncture. I haven’t felt this good since my mid-teens! I’m a believer and feel like I’m finally in good hands with my health again. Thank you, Sherrie!"

Marc R

"Sherrie was a huge help during my pregnancy. I first started seeing her to ensure I had a healthy pregnancy. When I found out I had gestational diabetes, Sherrie’s support became even more essential. She is reliable, flexible, and has a lot of great ideas, recommendations, and suggestions for healthy eating. Her little dog Loki makes appointments that much more enjoyable!"

Cassie M

"Very clear communicator, I was able to get a game plan right away from Sherrie regarding why I may have been feeling lethargic, and she gave me 3 small goals to work on for the week that didn’t make me feel too overwhelmed. Very good at collaborating with clients, I’m excited to continue working with her!"

Lindsay A

"Sherrie has been a wonderful resource and everything that I needed when I started working with her in the spring of 2021. I came to her at a time when I needed to seriously revamp my diet, as I was not getting any of the results I wanted. Sherrie is kind, thoughtful, a great motivator, and has a tremendous variety of recipes and easy lifestyle changes that will get you to where you want to be. She has answered every one of my questions, never made me feel judged, and has cultivated a warm and welcoming working environment. She is not the first nutritionist I have worked with, but she is certainly the best. I could not recommend her enough."

Kseniya B

Sherrie is an absolute dream to work with. She has not only helped me form a better relationship with food but also has a genuine care for your health and well-being. She has taught me how to fuel my body in the proper way, and the results have been truly amazing.
I recommend Sherrie for anyone who is trying to lose weight, get their diet on track, or learn about how to fuel your body/ear appropriately. She’s also just an a awesome person in general!

Mack H

Sherrie has been such an important person in my life in so little time! I was in a very dark place when I first started my nutrition journey. However, I needed a pick-me up and Sherrie was the perfect person to help me along this battle. She has believed in me more than anyone else has and provided me the tools to work on my physical and mental health. I am eternally grateful for her. I would highly recommend her services if you’re looking to look good and feel good! 

B. Caceres

I’ve struggled with a routine my whole life and in particular my eating habits. I was referred to Sherrie through a mutual friend in hopes she could help me develop healthy eating patterns that strayed away from the term “dieting”, as I wanted to change the way I approach food in general. Not only has sherrie helped me in providing the knowledge behind food and the correct nutrients that my body needs to function, she has changed the way I look at food/health and nutrition as a whole. Through Sherrie’s help, I have been able to create a lifestyle change that not only fuels my body but has increased my energy and changed my mindset.

Alessia B

"Sherrie has been my nutritionist since February 2023. She is an amazing coach and well-informed professional. Through her guidance l lost 20 pounds and am leading a much healthier lifestyle. With her pleasant demeanor and her empathy, she helped me to overcome my challenges and I not only managed to lose weight but also improve my A1c.

Sergio C

Sherrie is THE BEST. She's understanding and easy to talk to. I've made so much progress on my health goals working with her. Sherrie motivates me without judgment and pushes me to be more mindful when I inevitably fall behind. I'm very grateful for all her help!

Xin Q

Sherrie is a wonderful nutritionist. I've worked with Sherrie over the past 4+ months. In our introductory call, Sherrie took the time to learn about me, my routine, and my goals. With that information, Sherrie customized an effective (and feasible!) plan. Sherrie is constantly available to answer my grocery shopping or restaurant menu questions. It's like having a nutrition expert in your pocket. After incremental adjustments to my routine, I experienced noticeable strength gains, higher energy, feeling more full without feeling bloated, and lost an inch+ on my waist. Sherrie came highly recommended to me and now I see why.

Matthew S

Sherrie is super nice and very knowledgeable. She gave me very helpful tips and things to change in my diet. I will continue to see her.

 Carolina C

I conducted a virtual Nutritionist Appointment with Sherrie and was impressed with her knowledge regarding a proper diet for those with hypertension… she was polite and professional, and I have no complaints regarding the service she provided!

Maurice B

Sherrie was the first dietitian I have worked with and she made the process so straightforward and easy. She took the time to understand my current eating habits, took my preferences into consideration, and created a plan that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle. It never felt like I was on a diet, but that I was making changes to my diet that I would be able to sustain for the rest of my life. I felt very supported along the way and overall had a really great experience. I would recommend Sherrie to anyone looking to make changes to their diet to ensure a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Sherrie!

Jessica S

Working with Sherrie was a life changing experience and allowed me to fix my gut health issues with her expert nutritional guidance. She is empathetic, takes the time to listen to you, and makes you feel super comfortable. I have been through so many other doctors and nutritionists and am so happy to have finally found Sherrie.

Brian B

Sherrie has been a wonderful resource and has helped to keep me accountable. She helped me make a specific meal plan for my desired results, needs, and goals. I feel very lucky to have the support she provides. Very kind, professional, and knowledgeable. You must give yourself the gift of working with Sherrie, I absolutely recommend her. She had some photos of me and she has my permission to share them.

Jayme J

I'm excited to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience I've had with Sherrie. Her level of professionalism is truly commendable, evident in her extensive knowledge and thoughtful approach to nutrition. What sets her apart is her incredible sense of caring – she genuinely invests in her clients' well-being. Sherrie's guidance has not only transformed my eating habits but also provided me with the support I needed to stay motivated. If you're seeking a nutritionist who embodies both professionalism and genuine care, Sherrie is undoubtedly the one to turn to. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an invaluable partner in achieving your health goals.

Jia X

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